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A wound that persists for a month or more needs special care. You can find that special care at Virtue NON-HEALING WOUND CARE, which has a record of success with even the most difficult wounds. Our trained healthcare professional team has growing experience in dealing with wounds due to all causes, in locations throughout the body, that do not heal well.

By estimates 2-6 million people in the USA alone suffer from long-standing wounds. Poor arterial, lymphatic and venous circulation, diabetes, infection, immobility, cancer, radiation therapy and trauma often result in wounds that do not respond to ordinary treatment. Problem wounds can also complicate the treatment of other conditions such as heart, lung, and kidney disease. Virtue NON-HEALING WOUND CARE has developed a proven, successful alternative treatment plan to fit the needs of all patients. Our vascular team is skilled in identifying and addressing the underlying causes of long standing wounds in order to develop an effective treatment plan.


Venous Ulcer Treatment | Arterial Ulcer Treatment | Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment
Pressure Sore Treatment | Non-pressure Sore Treatment | Lymphedema Ulcer Treatment

Restoring the Body's Ability to Heal Properly with Energy Waves has Attractive Options

As an emerging leader in the development and commercialization of energy transfer technology, shock-wave technology is designed to help expedite wound healing on a cellular membrane level. Shock WAVE, LOW INTENSITY, LOW FREQUENCY, NON-CONTACT ULTRASOUND[SWLILFNCU} is ENERGY FIRST tested and proven technology that helps heal by stand alone or as an adjunct to standard wound care for some of the most difficult, stalled, or hard-to-heal wounds by activating the body’s normal regenerative process using an assortment of energy waves, from shockwaves to ultrasound. This type of wound treatment is known as the MIST treatment.

How Does Shockwave Technology Work?

As an emerging leader in the development and commercialization of energy transfer technology, shock-wave technology is designed to help expedite wound healing on a cellular membrane level.

Shock wave technology allows the patient to have more comfort and healing, less visits and pain, recognizing its value to not only improve patient quality of life but to help avoid further complications that could lead to amputation or even lives lost. However Dr. Krikorian recognizes more studies are needed to define better the role SWLILFNCU.

  • 85% Area Reduction in 7 Weeks

  • Completely Non-invasive

  • Low Energy without any Trauma

  • Little to No Pain or Discomfort

  • Most Treatments Done in 10 Minutes

  • Stimulates Cell Membranes & Regeneration of New Cell Growth

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Because we’re highly specialized, with six treatment locations in the St. Louis area, we’re able to schedule your exam and treatment much sooner than other facilities. Call us at 314-849-0923 or complete this contact form to get started.

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Diagnosis of non-healing ulcer is based on open skin area after 2-4 weeks, with associated numbness, pain, redness, swelling, oozing, bleeding, foul odor, or fever. If some or all of those symptoms are present, a doctor should be notified as soon as possible.

Limb Preservation

If you’ve been told you will need an amputation, please see us first. Nearly one third of all patients who undergo various standard treatments for wound healing do not heal completely. That increases risk for amputation and organ damage.


Prevention is also important for the healing process to proceed to the next phase. Appropriate wound care, cleansing, elimination of dead tissues, limiting infections from bacteria, yeasts, viruses, toxins, decreasing exposure to chemicals and allergies should be considered.

Dr. Raffi Krikorian, MD, FACC, RVT, RPVI is a Leading Wound Care Specialist in the Fight for Limb Preservation.

Dr. Krikorian has turned wound care in to an art form. He is always looking for better, simpler, and outside box solutions for his patients. He listens to every patient with humility, genuinely trying to solve their issues individually. He believes health and happiness are intertwined and has developed tremendous expertise in healing wounds.


Shock wave, Low intensity, low frequency, non-contact ultrasound [SWLILFNCU] or MIST should not be used

  1. In pregnant patients
  2. On patients with electrical devices-pacemaker, defibrilators and others
  3. In cancer proximity
  4. Wound Infection is not a contraindication for MIST therapy

Insurance Coverage

Exclusively requires insurance coverage after precertification.

MIST therapy is covered as stand alone or in conjunction with traditional wound care.

Health insurance coverage varies by provider, but many MEDICARE and common health care plans cover MIST wound care treatment. Please call us to determine if you are a candidate for MIST therapy.

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